Eggs, tents and Take That, too

September 16, 2011

dnx turned 11 this year. To celebrate, our summer party was yet another classic blend of idiocy and sophistication. Held on home soil (one of the advantages of working where we do), we divided into six teams for “dnx at the races”, a meeting that could seriously rival Royal Ascot. Races on the top field included The Egg and Spoon, The Sack and The Wheel-barrow and each team was given £100 to place some advance bets, Team C (I Predict a Wyatt) coming out top.

One unscheduled and spontaneous event was the inaugural running of the “Pelt Alex Brayshaw with Eggs” Stakes which raised over £35 for Byte Night.

Regrouping for the awards ceremony in a marquee erected outside the barn, we then turned our attention to our surprise guests – Take That 2 – who treated us (and Jessica Lloyd-Hitt in particular) to some of Messrs Barlow, Williams, Owen, Orange and Donald’s finest works. If we didn’t know the words to “Never Forget” before, we do now.

Dancing to the disco continued until midnight, punctuated by occasional visits to the bouncy castle (sometimes en masse, sometimes discreetly in pairs), to the ice cream van and into the instant photo booth. Never have feather boas been used to such hideous effect.

In the small hours, the die-hards retreated to their tents (or cars) to pass a cold and, for some, uncomfortable night. Full marks to everyone who was on hand to clear up in the morning, though.

Special thanks go to the Party Committee for organising. Excellent stuff.

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