SAP Cards

September 6, 2011

Beating the budget cuts

Organisations throughout the public sector are being asked to do more with less, but it’s quite a challenge when your funding’s being slashed to the bone. With our SAP DM pack, IT decision-makers across the public sector can see how SAP’s solutions can help.

SAP Cards

SAP’s traditional way to promote itself and its products to the public sector is to hold an event. However, with a travel ban in place, this wasn’t possible on this occasion and we therefore needed to come up with an alternative – and preferably one that wasn’t expensive.

It all started when we began thinking of ways in which IT departments in public sector organisations could get the better of the budget cuts that are sweeping the nation. We began considering the relative merits of different solutions and immediately hit on the campaign concept.

Our DM pack comprised a handy overview of all SAP solutions (there’s one for every public sector problem) in the form of a limited edition deck of cards. Accompanying the deck was a leaflet explaining just how SAP is helping public sector organisations beat the budget cuts, plus a personalised card indicating whom the recipient should contact at SAP.

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