Autodesk Manufacturing Genius

July 4, 2013

Autodesk Manufacturing Genius

Today’s manufacturing industry is a highly competitive market, and machinery designers and producers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves and their products. However, some have succeeded – and Autodesk products have often played a crucial role.

The points of differentiation are varied; increased throughput, improved efficiency and innovative design to name but three, but they are all products of what we have called Manufacturing Genius.

Building on this theme, we’ve developed a campaign to help Autodesk celebrate and share these customer success stories. The objective is to inspire other manufacturing companies and encourage them to develop an appetite for their own success.

A range of online and offline creative including DM, EDM, print ads, infographics and case studies all drive the audience to a campaign specific microsite where the customer stories are told through an engaging case study video.

Following the journey through the site, the visitor to the site works through an asset-rich configurator, resulting in a request for reseller contact and a white-paper that includes in-depth information about becoming a top performer.

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