Launching Generation 6000

July 4, 2013

Launching Generation 6000

2013 sees the launch of Generation 6000, Miele’s latest range of built-in kitchen appliances.

We’ve been supporting the launch across a number of areas, but our main focus has been the UK Sales Event for which we provided videos, presentations, VIP invites and sales support material.

The event ran for 10 days and was attended by over 500 dealers who were invited to experience the new range first hand.

The new range comprises of over 90 appliances under two design approaches – PureLine and ContourLine, each of which has been created to reflect the current design trends. For example, PureLine is sleek and elegant and features pure glass fronts in Arctic White, Obsidian Black and Havana Brown. The PureLine is perfect for today’s minimalist kitchens.

The range is packed with innovative features, including coffee machines with automatic sensors that recognise the height of the cup or mug presented, and adjust accordingly to deliver the perfect cappuccino. There are steam combination ovens that bake the most amazing bread, wireless food probes that measure the core temperature of a joint of meat to ensure it’s cooked perfectly, and microwaves with one-touch popcorn buttons.

The PureLine range also features a brand new control panel, MTouch, which uses gesture technology to provide the ultimate control interface.

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