July 4, 2013


UX isn’t a fad or buzz word, it’s a paradigm shift in how we view digital products. 10 or 20 years ago, people used to be happy with the existence of a digital product or presence. But now they want more, much more.

And that’s why we’ve been ramping up our User Experience expertise. With Conor Ward at the helm, we’re now applying a User Centred Design (UCD) methodology to every digital project. We’re balancing the needs of the user with the business metrics and the overall objectives of the project. Conor has been talking to a number of our clients about how some UX science can improve their web performance and the result should be better product roadmaps, increased ROI and, most importantly, happier end users.

User Experience (UX) is central to the success of every digital project, because every aspect of a user’s interaction with a product or service helps form their perception of the company as a whole. If you provide a digital experience that is pleasing and user-friendly, you’re more likely to have loyal, satisfied customers who keep coming back.

In fact, if a site gives first time visitors a bad experience, there’s a 58% chance they won’t return*. And given that visitors can often spend as few as 10 seconds on any given page, you have little time to engage them with your content and the information they need to take the next step.

Of course, every visitor is different and no two websites can offer exactly the same experience, but the key to UX is ensuring that every experience is as good as it can possibly be. Achieving this involves many factors including usability, accessibility and interaction design (as in what happens when people click on or roll over content), and creating the best possible combination.

At dnx, we’ve always prided ourselves on treating our audiences as real people, talking to them in everyday language and engaging with them as human beings. UX is born out of the same thinking – put the audience first, think about their needs and wants – so we’re confident that this new area of expertise will fit right in with our approach to B2B marketing.

If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch here.

*Usability Sciences

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