Lead Generation

August 11, 2013

Lead Generation – A Fair Trade?

By Adam No comments

In the hunt for user’s details for Lead Generation, you need to ask yourself if what you are offering in exchange for data capture is compelling enough. Think about when you input your details on a form to get something you want, it has to be interesting enough for you to give up your details.

We call this ‘Value Exchange’ – a user gives their details and the chance for you to contact them in the future in exchange for a piece of content they want. It is no good driving traffic to a gated asset if that asset isn’t going to make a user give their details, no matter how good the tactic of getting them there in the first place, whether inbound or outbound.

Certain types of content are more likely to generate leads than others, for instance a gated White Paper is more likely to convince users to fill out a form than say, an article.

Another consideration is – are you giving the user enough details about the asset upfront for them to make a decision about filling in a form? Is there an executive summary? Do you offer them the first few pages ‘free’ before a form is introduced? These are the sort of things that can increase your conversion rates.

Another tactic to increase lead conversions is to split the form. This can be done many ways, for instance asking for a user’s name and email upfront, then providing some content, before asking for other crucial data later on in their journey. This can be especially effective if you want to personalise their journey, for instance using their name in the content or offering a personalised summary. In Quicksprout’s recent study, forms with exactly three fields converted at 25%, forms with three to five fields converted at 20%, and forms with more than 6 fields converted at only 15%.

Lead Generation is not a case of ‘build it and they will come’, if you do that they will turn away at the gate. The key point is to have content that is worth the user’s while.