August 29, 2013

Lost in translation

By Mark No comments

These days I’m finding myself becoming more and more involved with our clients. Some creatives can’t think of anything worse – personally, I think it’s a great idea. Apart from building relationships and a stronger connection to their brand and business, it also gives me a unique insight into how they see their brand and the type of work that excites them.

After all, they live and breathe their brand day in day out, whereas I tend to dip in and out as and when I’m needed. Which brings me nicely round to the topic of today’s post and how easy it is for a brief to get lost in translation. It’s easily done, especially as we work in the ‘now’ and we’re all challenged with doing more in less time.

With shrinking budgets and deadlines, the brief is usually the first thing to suffer. It often gets rushed or overlooked when it should, in my opinion, be the one thing we invest time in getting right.  After all, it’s the backbone to all communications.

Therefore, if we invested more time at the early stages translating complicated marketing briefs into simple, strategic, insight driven creative briefs that involved the client and creative, we’d develop clearer propositions and inspiring creative triggers that fire the imagination like never before.

Then when it comes to presenting the ‘big idea’ there’ll be no nasty surprises, deathly silences or dare I say it – costly re-briefs. When everyone in the room has already bought into the thinking from the brief, they’re more likely to approve creative work on-the-spot, all because the brief was spot-on.