August 25, 2013

Right platform, right content, right time.

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An article that I saw recently on the Burberry brand inspired me to write this post, and namely one point raised in particular:

“The higher the engagement – the higher the propensity to purchase the brand someday, somewhere, through some channel. You need mind share if you want market share. And you have to engage…. We didn’t do Art of the Trench, our social media platform, to make money. We did all of that to have the customer engage with the brand. ”

The article was with the CEO of Burberry; Angela Ahrendts and she was talking about how she has transferred this iconic, very traditional brand into the “media content company” that she calls it today. And, there is a key word I want to focus on there – traditional. When you look at Burberry as a brand, it is steeped in heritage and until a few years ago it was far removed from the communication and creative trends that we see today. They depended on traditional advertising formats for the ‘then’ traditional world.

However, then emails came about. Then websites. Then search. Then online shopping. Then social media and the list goes on. But with all of that brought choice. Consumers now had the choice to switch off or on to communication messages – making our jobs that much harder as they had their own voice. They were no longer just going to sit back and quite point blankly be marketed too but actually they were going to go onto Google, Facebook, Pinterest wherever and find what interests them, and when they wanted.

So what does this mean to brands? Well first and foremost brands need to accept that there is a much wider and vaster route of customer communications (if they haven’t already!!!), not least mentioning this huge digital ecosystem to reach our customers. We can’t just rely on traditional blanket messages to all. We need to follow Angela’s advice and engage! And how do we do that? Through content! It’s been said a million times before, but content is king!

You have to assume that you need to go and find your consumers in their preferred environment to evoke the response that you want. You can only do this via content that will interest them and engage them enough mentally to evoke a response and then you have to reach them at the right time. Which is why Angela’s point around the purchase of the brand being “someday, somewhere” is so important as she is absolutely correct. Not everyone that likes your Facebook page is going to buy your product in fact there are some stats out there that but the buyer propensity rate at around 8-10% I believe. But in order to increase the chance of them more likely a) buying into the brand in the first place and b) buying into the product at a future date, you need to engage them and pull them in with exciting and exclusive content. Is this content they can’t get elsewhere? Would you read this content yourself? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you are doing your social planning.

You also need to create content that can translate across or be tailored by platform. For a campaign we did recently for SAP, we created a whole host of different assets because we had to appeal to different audiences who all absorbed content in different ways and in different places. And that is exactly my point – you need the right content, on the right platform at the right time. You need to build up enough of a relationship so that when that consumer decides to make a purchase – you are the first brand or product on their mind.