Importance Of Marketing

September 9, 2013

A new kind of crowd…

By Teresa 1 comment

I just did a quick search on Google for ‘marketing director skills’ and found this list –

  • have knowledge of a wide range of marketing techniques and concepts
  • be an excellent communicator
  • be able to respond well to pressure
  • think creatively
  • be interested in what motivates people

What strikes me as glaringly missing is ‘analytical thinker’.

As marketing becomes more of a science, with action based on fact not gut reaction it is surely imperative that the Marketing Director holds the skills to read and interpret data to extract insight and meaning.

What is interesting is that BA degrees in Marketing now offer this as part of the course. Marketing Intelligence is taught in the foundation year of the programme.

But until the alumni of today make their way up the corporate ladder to Marketing Director, do we have a skills gap on our hands?

Will those who possess the knowledge of data manipulation rise to the top, outstripping their peers or will this skills gap be filled by a new role, the ‘marketing analyst’?

Agencies can help. It is after all their role to add value through specialist expertise, but they too have to be clear on the role they are filling. It’s not just a data cruncher. It’s someone who possesses comprehension of marketing theory, the sales process and analytics who also has the skills of communication to be able to make recommendation of action right the way up to the top.

One things for sure, companies that don’t take this change in skill set seriously will find themselves with slower growth, higher cost of sales and low ROI on marketing activity.