Lead Generation

September 16, 2013

Basic mechanics of lead generation

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There are numerous perspectives on the key principles of lead generation and a huge volume of features can be harnessed to make lead generation work for you.  In my personal experience, I have found that some really key questions are not always asked at the beginning of a campaign focused on lead generation such as; “what is the definition of success?” and “how, when and who do we want to connect with?”

Online there tends to be 4 key elements when considering the basic mechanics of lead generation and these can be mapped against a prospects journey.

Stage 1, involves creating an incentive that will capture the interest of your target audience.  The incentive can be anything such as a competition, sample report or a video, these incentives are usually termed as assets.  It is always best practice to offer an incentive that has a direction relation to your campaign, for instance if you are building leads for analysis software a sample report is a perfect incentive so the user is able to see the output of the software.  In the creation of the incentive one  the key questions to ask is “who do you want to connect with?”

Stage 2, the call-to-action (CTA) can also take multiple formats from a hyperlink built into a text block to a banner or road block and there are numerous best practice guides identifying which CTA’s and mediums are best depending on the audience you are targeting.  This will link the user through to access the incentive offered and when developing the CTA the “how” and “when” you want to connect with your potential leads are key elements to consider.

Stage 3 is, build a landing page specifically for your campaign incorporating the incentive.  This is the stage to attempt to convert your unknown user in to a real lead.  Promote you product and build the users interest, ultimately building enough interest for the user to move to the final stage.

The success of a campaign is usually if a user submits their contact details to a database changing their status from an unknown user to prospect – this is the final stage.

Stage 4, this is only a data capture form linked to a database.  Many businesses gate assets and in order to access the incentive, this is good if your incentive directly relates to a specific product however it can discourage users from engaging any further if you have not managed to build their interest enough.

In later blogs I intend to review these stages to really understand what works and what doesn’t so stay tuned!