September 17, 2013

How to seize the moment with Real-Time marketing

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Social Media has been fully established for around 10 years however it still ceases to amaze me just how many companies fail to unlock it’s full potential and more often than not make the same mistake time and time again, simply using it as a way of reaching their audience with new product information, when in fact they should be listening to their audience; Most people use social media to voice their opinion rather than finding out when the new iPad is being released!

With Real-time marketing you can jump on the back of a live event and use this as an opportunity to market your brand. As long as your idea is fun and relevant you’ll soon see the benefits. Since social media essentially acts as a free instant publishing source, it couldn’t be simpler to jump into the real-time marketing game.

As I’m sure you all know, Prince William and Kate Middleton recently gave birth to a baby boy in what was probably the most highly anticipated day of the year. And if you didn’t know this… where have you been the past year?

While there was nothing to report on this for a good few hours on the day, brands were using this opportunity to create some awareness of their own by inserting themselves into the royal birth through social media.


Earlier this summer we began working on an analytics campaign for SAP, one of the largest B2B clients at dnx, which triggered me to realise that on this day and this day alone, there was a solitary thought on everyone’s mind, would it be a boy or a girl? Well, for me this had opportunity written all over it, therefore it wasn’t long until we’d produced a quick survey in order to achieve some quick results and circulated it internally. Had we not chosen to seize the opportunity here to gain some awareness off the back of the royal birth, we would have missed a huge opportunity; and they don’t come often.


After some content seeding on Twitter, Mashable caught wind of the idea and put SAP up against some of the largest global brands in their review of the top Royal Baby campaign ‘wins and ‘fails’, placing SAP in their wins category. For anyone not familiar with Mashable, they were recently voted amongst the Top 25 blog sites and as of March 2013, have over 3.2 million Twitter followers and over 1 million fans on Facebook. So this was certainly a win for us in terms of creating awareness through Real-Time Marketing! Of course there were also some tacky losers, which received criticism but either way, in the end the brands got what they wanted: people were talking about them.


A lesson learnt from this experience was that the most important thing to remember when using social media for a real-time marketing campaign is to always add value to the conversation online. Don’t just shoehorn your brand into some event that happened.