Lead Generation

September 14, 2013

Rapid response marketing – fab or fad?

By Michelle No comments

When the power went out at this year’s Super Bowl it created a new phenomenon that has since been coined ‘rapid response marketing’. Despite some of the world’s biggest brands spending millions on their Super Bowl commercials it was that one single tweet from Oreo – a lightning quick reaction to a live event – that generated more buzz than any of the paid media.

This got me thinking – is rapid response marketing the latest fad (that consumers will soon become blasé to), or is it here to stay? And of course, with my lead generation hat on, does rapid response have a role to play in B2B?

To answer this we need to think about what made the Oreo ad so great:

1. It outsmarted other advertisers

I was recently in a meeting where I was asked the question ‘has the market outsmarted marketers?’ Whilst my response to this is a whole other blog in itself (watch this space!), the Oreo tweet worked because it pure and simply outsmarted other advertisers. They didn’t waste a second in responding to the live situation and impressed the audience enough to generate 10,000 shares in 60 minutes.

2. It was relevant

Despite thousands of tweets being posted every second the Oreo one stood out because it was timely, relevant and in-the moment. An hour later would have been too late – it worked because they hit the audience with a simple message at exactly the right time.

3. It was fun

The birth of the Royal Baby was a classic example of real-time marketing efforts going horribly wrong with so many brands (even Oreo) pushing out  really distasteful ads. Oreo took a punt and had a bit of fun with the Super Bowl – it had sense of humour, they weren’t blatant in trying to sell and it was fun.

So in answer to my original question – while consumers may start to get blasé to brands jumping onto every latest trend with a new ad – the principles behind what made the Oreo one so great should be applied every B2B lead generation campaign. B2B buyers (while there may be lots of them making one decision and they take much longer to come to that decision than a consumer) are still human beings and appreciate good, fun but relevant creative. We also need to make sure we hit them at the right time – can you honestly say that you are marketing with the customer in mind rather than pushing out the message you want to say?