Importance Of Marketing

September 14, 2013

The new Science of Marketing: the new opportunity for marketers

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Ever since the web connected Enterprises to their customers, we know those customers are now providing huge amounts of data about their behaviour. Through the marketing value exchange (you supply the content, the customer provides information about themselves in return) they share with us a wealth of data – about what content they want to see, about what messages they like (and don’t), about what they share/say about brands -  and most of all about their  purchase intentions.  This is Nirvana for marketers (please can we never say Marketeers!) isn’t it? At last, marketing intelligence, accountability and an opportunity to provide better and qualified information to the sales teams. Isn’t that what b2b marketers should contribute?

No longer does the marketer only report on soft measures like awareness and propensity (Board level peers spent years scoffing at such stuff), marketers are now closer than anyone else to understanding what makes their business tick.

CMO’s can now become ‘Marketing Scientists’ – in the last few years (according to, the tenure of CMOs has almost doubled from 23 months to 43 months – wow. Also, CMOs (according to Gartner) are going to overtake CIOs in specifying IT infrastructure because it all needs to be customer centric not internally serving. We like that a lot – a huge opportunity for all marketing people (client marketers and agencies alike) to spread influence finally – by not only having the left brain creativity that we love and that builds brand predisposition (but that others sneered at), but also having the right brain accountability and inside knowledge of the customer. Powerful stuff I say for marketers in the next few years.