Lead Generation

October 16, 2013

When is a lead really a lead?

By Alex No comments

Maybe every connection we make is a lead; maybe only the person who fills in the longest web form is a lead; maybe those that are ready to buy now are a lead… the list goes on. Personally I think we have to value every contact and assess what type of lead they are – I’m sure nobody would argue with that. If we take the view that there is no wastage then our mentality changes – we have the technology and the tools to help with this. We could see all of the new channels in social as a complication, but it’s actually a huge opportunity to cultivate different types of ‘leads’. We need to adopt a different nurturing path and accept that some could take a long time to develop further and some may never, but they all do at least hold a value. All of these contacts, with social listening technology, offer us greater ability to listen to our audience and understand the conversations they are having – both specifically and generally.

This information informs our marketing strategies, it can inform our sales process – and that’s valuable for every lead, every piece of nurturing and ultimately better conversion. So every connection we make is a lead and technology allows us to make the most of them at every level… and all have a tangible value.

Sorry if you respond to this and you feel like a lead – you’re not meant to, but… who knows.