From green fields to Hatfields

November 20, 2013

Make no mistake, Shere is a fantastic place to work and we’d never, ever, dream of leaving, but now and again the advantage of having a London base is just too good to ignore.

That’s why we’ve set up a small satellite office near Waterloo (handy for Guildford) and it’s now open for business. The office will not only provide us with some useful extra space, but also make us a more attractive proposition for all the talent that wants to work for a top-notch agency but doesn’t fancy working more than 50 yards from the nearest Starbucks! (There’s a Pret across the street, hopefully it’ll do.)

Our new office should also be extremely handy for our clients. Now they can drop in on us when they’re in town.

The address of our new office is:

Enterprise House
1-2 Hatfields

We all look forward to seeing you there.

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