Today’s marketers, tomorrow’s data-empowered CEOs? – New research from dnx and Circle Research

February 6, 2014

dnx has long championed marketers as CEOs in waiting – with skills that lend themselves to the top job (customer insight custodian, cross-function project leader, calculated risk taker). We think CMOs are finally in pole position to be promoted to the boardroom. What’s more, we think that the advent of big data – now a mission-critical business intelligence tool for a large percentage of enterprise organisations – is a key factor driving this shift in status for marketers.

So, we have partnered with Circle Research to test our proposition that marketing, a function long seen as secondary to business growth and sidelined in boardroom terms, is now taking centre stage.

We wanted to understand:

  • if critical numbers of marketers are engaging with big data yet
  • How richer customer data from multiple digital platforms is accelerating this change in the perception of the marketing function
  • What other factors outside of big data are influencing this shift
  • When marketers think they will gain the boardroom recognition they deserve

The report ‘When will marketing be promoted to the boardroom? The reality of big data’s promise’ will be published at the end of February. This report is essential reading for marketers who want to understand the implications of big data for them, how they can capitalise on the benefits, and where the other major opportunities for promotion lie.

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