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March 17, 2014

dnx and Circle research have published a major new research report today (17th March):

“When will Marketing be promoted to the boardroom? The reality of big data’s promise” .

The research explores the dramatic impact that big data has had on the marketing role, and investigates what other opportunities there are for marketers to increase their influence and earn a seat at the boardroom table.

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dnx partnered with Circle research to survey over 50 senior enterprise marketers across the UK & Europe as part of this research, and the results have already gained the attention of the marketing press, featured in Marketing , Campaign, and Brand Republic.

“CMO’s are being presented with the biggest opportunity they’ve had in 50 years. Big data is providing insights and opportunities that CMO’s never had before, but they’ve got to use this insight well or they won’t gain stature. If they use the wrong data or reach the wrong conclusions then they’ll lose credibility, but get it right and the rewards are unprecedented,” said Drew Nicholson, CEO at dnx, to Marketing magazine.

This report explores these key questions in detail:

• What % of enterprise organisations currently use big data to support marketing insight, and how important is it to strategic decision-making?
• Which department currently ‘owns’ big data?
• What are the current and future applications of big data by marketers?
• What barriers must be overcome for marketers and organisations to fully benefit from big data?
• Is big data propelling marketers to the boardroom, and what are the other significant opportunities for marketers to increase their influence?
• Why should marketers become CEOs of the future, and when will marketing be promoted to the boardroom?

Get the latest insight on how marketers can capitalise on the big data opportunity.

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