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April 22, 2014

Bridging the Skills Gap

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In my last blog I talked about the increasing skills gap occurring in marketing departments due to the shift in importance of data analysis. Previously marketers were focussed on messaging, brand, design; now, they need analytical skills. Knowledge of how to set hypotheses, interpret data to extract insight. It’s quite a different role to 10 years ago.

We’ve just launched our dnx research study, When Will Marketing be promoted to the Boardroom?, a survey of senior marketing managers and directors, in which 41% agree that their teams lack the skills needed to maximise the opportunity Big Data brings.

They recognise that with the right skills, big data can influence over all business strategy (88% agreement) and should determine marketing strategy (77% agreement).

So what is the solution for the ambitious marketing team when the option of employing new people or training programmes are thwarted by budget cuts?

We have recently been working with some of our clients (global enterprise) on developing Insight Reports based on social listening using the tools we have in house to feedback in to their marketing planning process. They outsource the ‘analytics and insight creation’ to us as we have a dedicated team and software that allows us to approach the task in the right way, quickly and efficiently.

We work closely with the client to understand their objectives, business and products so we can build parameters that provide the most relevant insight. Reports include recommendations for keywords, competitor analysis, influencers they should engage with and why. Recommended messaging structures and platforms that will perform best based on their target audience usage. These reports are then used to develop the campaign plan, as opposed to confirm it and is the start of an ongoing report and optimisation process as the campaign is implemented, with regular reports and recommendations being delivered by us on the success of the activity, benchmarked against clear KPI’s.

It’s a great example of how agencies and clients can work together as a ‘team’, playing to each other’s strengths and demonstrates how the role of an agency is changing as much as the marketing team.
Marketers don’t need to sit out the skills gap until the next generation arrives. We all just need to look at how we approach tasks differently and use the support network already in place in new ways.