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April 30, 2014

Why is analytics vital to the success of your campaign?

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More often than not, analytics is one of the last elements to be considered when implementing a brand new marketing campaign. This is could be due to a number of reasons including:

• The overall goal of the campaign hasn’t been identified yet.
• Everyone is too busy thinking of the incredibly creative concept.
• Reporting does not need to be delivered until a month after the campaign has gone live.
• Analytics is not the most ‘glamorous’ part of the campaign

As a guy who works in a Data & Analytics department, I choose for this not to upset me (too much) but it does beg the question; Do clients see analytics as vital to the success of the campaign?

At DNX, our many years of executing highly creative marketing campaigns is always backed up with a high level of data capture and reporting, resulting in even more successful campaigns in the future.

Regular Reporting

Marketing campaigns are results driven, which means that recording every element of the campaign is vital in identifying what went well and what needs to improve. Regular reports on how the marketing activity is performing means that the campaign can be tweaked and optimised to deliver better results. Not only that, poor performing campaigns can be quickly identified and paused to ensure that the campaign budget is being spent wisely.

Decide Your Success Metrics

Nailing down what metrics you want to use to measure the success of the campaign is vital both to the client and the marketing agency as it gives both a clear vision of what needs to be achieved. Reporting on an awareness campaign will be completely different to lead generation so making sure that the correct elements are tracked needs to be decided before the campaign has been built. If the correct metrics are not decided at the very beginning of the campaign then it could be too late by the time it comes to delivering the first report when the campaign is live.

It’s also worth making sure that these metrics are also confirmed by every person the report will be presented to, which means not only the people directly responsible for the project, but also their superiors.

Look to the Future
Benchmarking and setting targets are important to help quantify the success of any marketing campaign, but nothing compares to having a direct comparison. Industry benchmarks are OK to start with but nothing beats comparing data from a previously similar campaign. With this in mind, making sure that each level of tracking is comprehensive and easy to understand will help when reflecting on the data months or even years down the line. For example, future banner advertising can be significantly improved by looking back on previous campaign data to analyse what networks generated the most relevant traffic, the type of banner and even the type of messaging. Past marketing campaigns can shape future campaigns, but only if you have the data to back it up.

Is analytics vital to the success of your marketing campaign? You bet your bottom dollar it is, and we can show you just how much.