May 13, 2014

It’s a fact: Strong Brands drive B2B

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In fact they matter even more in B2B than in B2C.

I’m an advocate of this thinking… B2B brands need to work hard to cut through the monosyllabic murmur of wordy marketing to create a relationship or even a bond with their prospective business consumers.

A great article from Kevin Randall (Director of Research at Moveo Integrated Branding) gave me the source and substance and dare I say it… the evidence to back it up!

There’s so much noise to cut through in a B2B space.  Brands touting their product features and benefits and telling a rational story, forgetting that emotion plays a part in the decision making process, even in business to business markets.

Chuck Feltz of Dulux said “if we can create more consciousness around the experience, it has ROI” which coins the emotional role in decision making perfectly.  And we’re all only too aware of the importance of proving ROI to secure the funding for yet more noise aren’t we?

The RFP process traditionally puts a number of scientific hurdles in the way of emotional decision making in B2B space, but countering that science is Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book ‘Blink:  The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’ takes us through the theory that decisions are made in 2 second first impressions versus the long drawn out process we like to convince ourselves we’re committed to.

There are a great number of B2B brands in the top of the charts with a surprising number of Tech B2B Brands leading the way.


What’s intriguing here is that inherently, the rational mindset wants to dominate the discussion, but emotion plays a higher than average part in the marketing…

Here are some examples that back up all the substance provided by Kevin Randall J

SAP’s “Run like never before” campaign.  The message of the campaign echoes the needs of consumers around the world: the need to generate and manage business on trains, baseball fields, in waiting rooms, taxis, or wherever life happens to take them:


IBM play the emotional green conscience card with the “Smarter Planet” that has moved into a product sense with “Smarter Finance” and is planned for “Smarter Cities” promoting the appetite for innovation in the world around us and the efficiencies that come with rather than the technology USP’s:


Oracles “Make the future of Java”.  The programs allow developers to share their enthusiasm for Java, expand their technical skills, feel a sense of community, and be active participants in developing the next generation of Java innovation:


All three brands are enjoying YOY growth that has no doubt attributed to their confidence and appetite to retain their strong hold in their category.  And perhaps they have recognised that Chuck Feltz is right, if you create a consciousness around the experience… ROI will look after itself.