August 13, 2014

The great logo cover-up

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Today I’m working at the kind of speed usually reserved for headlines in broadband ads. As such, I’ve been surviving on instinct and little else.

When I finally catch my breath, and make time to review my creative work, I find I have answered the creative brief, but failed to answer an important question of my own — if I hold my hand over the logo, would I know who the work was for?

With my hand on my heart, I know the answer is no. That’s because I am still at the scamp stage. I know my thinking works, but my layouts don’t. Not yet, anyway. Besides, in my opinion, the idea comes first and a ‘look and feel’ are developed later.

But it got me thinking. When I walk through our creative department, I pass a long row of designers. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of what they are working on. Nine times out of ten, I can identify which client they’re working on without looking closely at their screen. It’s almost subliminal. If I see blocks of red, I immediately think Vodafone. If see bands running at an angle across a page, I instantly think of Axis, our network camera client. And when I see black and gold silhouette illustrations, I know without doubt, the work is for SAP.

None of this is by accident, it’s by design. Think of it as increasing the branding without making the logo bigger. It doesn’t need to be much, but it does need to be something that separates your brand from another – a distinctive typeface, tone of voice, style of photography or layout that you stick to time and time again. I guess the point I’m trying to make is this – every inch of every successful piece of communication should tell you who the message is from without you having to look for their logo.

Try it yourself. If you can’t make it work for your brand, I can always give you a helping hand.