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September 19, 2014

Why I love B2B marketing

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I love an underdog, and B2B Marketing, not historically the belle of the marketing ball, has rather had a resurgence of late.

I’ve seen less eyes glazing over / “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than listen to this…” kind of response to B2B creativity, and more “wow ok, that’s actually quite cool”.

The great thing about the consumerisation of technology and services is that IT, mobile, logistics brands et al feel a bit less distant that they used to. Maybe it’s because we see cool campaigns, maybe it is because their social programmes feel more real, maybe it is because apps, 3D printing and a more consumer based approach to marketing makes them feel friendlier. Either way, and I don’t think it is just me, these brands have come out of the back rooms of organisations and more in to mainstream consciousness. That’s good for brand and customer engagement

The second thing I like is, seeing some B2B creative work that isn’t just ‘standout’ in our space, but that absolutely stands out, entertains, and engages in a wider context – holding its own on a level playing field with B2C creativity. Have you seen the Volvo (Van Damme) or Caterpillar ads at all?

B2B might not yet be up there with car and beer brands for pub chat, but people nod sagely now – progress, I’d say.