Why we’re getting emotional about B2B

November 25, 2014

Recently, the B2B industry has been paying a huge amount of lip service to the concept of ‘emotional marketing’ – emotion in B2B marketing was the focus of the annual B2B Conference on the 5th of November, the content of several widely shared recent infographics, and the subject of much comment by the B2B Twitterati.


We know a thing or three about helping our clients achieve better customer engagement – which is increasingly what our clients hire us specifically to do – and we believe that ‘emotion’, or put differently (and perhaps in a way that sits more comfortably within the B2B world) ‘intuition’, is at the heart of B2B purchase decision making.


So how do you make sure your brand is making the right ‘emotional’ connection with your customers? And what does ‘emotion’ really mean in the context of B2B marketing?


Our management team will be sharing a series of blogs over the next few weeks, exploring these questions and more. Click here to read the first of these “Why I’ve always loved B2B, intuitively” by our CEO, Drew Nicholson.

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