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Why I love B2B marketing

I love an underdog, and B2B Marketing, not historically the belle of the marketing ball, has rather had a resurgence of late. I’ve seen less eyes glazing over / “I’d rather stick needles in my…

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A quantum leap for the lead funnel

Back in 1898, American advertising advocate Elias St. Elmo Lewis first formalised the sales process that we know so well as the “Funnel”. It’s been great, but like Top of the Pops or the concept…

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Unravelling the issue of ‘CMO as IT Supremo’

  It’s some time now since Gartner predicted that by 2017, CMOs would have more influence on IT purchases than CIOs. We gasped at this game changing prediction and at every event I have been…

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Why this Marketer is changing his spots

I’m re skilling. I may be an ‘experienced marketer’ but I suspect I may need to change some (if not all) my spots or become an extinct species in the next 5 years. I have…

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Direct Mail Best Practice

B2B Marketing has just released the latest of its Best Practice Guides. This one is about Direct Mail and our very own Creative Director Simon Fraser has written the introduction. Now whilst it would please…

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