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Marketing Automation makes campaigns more effective but not how you might think

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As more people become aware of the capabilities of platforms like Marketo and Eloqua, the more marketing automation is being perceived as the Holy Grail – the thing that’s going to save the day, the…

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Is Big Data the start of the end for human beings?

By Michelle No comments

A far-fetched blog title I know….but hear me out. How many times have you asked a question lately and been told to ‘Google’ the answer? It seems that search engines are the answer to everything…

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Digitalisation of processes

August 18, 2013

Is document centralisation the key to a more productive workplace?

By Dan No comments

During your working day do you ever find yourself pulling your hair out due to the inefficiencies of some working practices?  How many times have you seen a document floating around the workplace that would…

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