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Mastercard Mobile Payments

Introducing mobile payment to one of the country’s biggest retailers.

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  • The challenge

    MasterCard was preparing to pitch to Tesco, and needed to effectively illustrate the in-store customer purchase journey of customers using MasterCard mobile payments. We created a set of four videos to support the initial pitch, but two years later, MasterCard approached us again in need of an update to the campaign.

  • The solution

    MasterCard wanted the updated videos to have a wider remit, showing how mobile payments can be used by grocery and department stores across various regions. Not only did we update the video content to reflect current technology, but also created a completely new vector animation style featuring neutral ‘Supershop’ branding.

  • The headline

    The videos became a successful sales resource, helping regional MDs effectively sell MasterCard mobile payment solutions to retailers and department stores.