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To launch an exciting new programme of food, drink and kitchen design courses, Miele needed a support package with a distinctive look and feel.

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  • The website is a visual feast of courses, videos, tips and recipes with simple line graphics, textured backgrounds and multiple images.


    The brochure contains 16 pages of tempting courses, fascinating facts and all the information you need to book a Miele experience.

  • Simple collateral included a leaflet to support Miele's London Gallery. Just a stone's throw from Oxford Street, it's a capital place for the culinary arts.

  • If you attend a Miele course, you're more likely to buy a Miele appliance. Our dealer pack is designed to encourage dealers to steer their customers in the right direction.

  • Everyone's giving away jute or linen bags these days, but few are as exclusive as ours. You'll have to attend a course to get one. We even created aprons and notepads, too.